Trust is one of those qualities that you cannot easily define. But, is worth its weight in gold! Before the global credit crunch, people used to trust banks because they thought they provided a valuable service were too big to fail. The spectacular collapse of Lehman Brothers and the avalanche of revelations about corruption, mistakes, improprieties, and profiteering that affected most money institutions across the globe, killed off both those notions.

In my first article, Optimizing thirty bees Shopping Cart For Semantic Search, I mentioned trust and identity. If you recall, you’ll never trust the pastry chef waltzing into your home to repair a leaky pipe. And, that in the digital age, the only way one establishes trust and identity is to publish those facts about you.

How To Establish Trust And Identity In Semantic Search SEO

While the number one search engine in the world, no longer ranks authorship authority on social post, it still shows up to the list of connections you have in your social influence. To get there with a following, your digital footprint needs to be complete and authentic. Page banner’s, high resolution face photo in business attire, a complete “about-me” and the site links you contribute towards.

If you’re just starting your company, speak with your voice and not that of your new company until you can establish that trust and notoriety. This is my G+ Profile. Click on the about me. Those are the kinds of transparent things that you need to have on all your social media profiles. A picture of your pet dog will not do at all!

Join communities that share like interests! If you’re selling Patio Furniture, get involved in gardening communities and make yourself, PERSONALLY, known to the big influencers in that niche’. If you have affordable garden patio products that are durable to last and you actually know a thing about gardening you may end up attracting a few bloggers to link to your store products. Share about 80% of what other high profile users are creating and create about 30% from your own perspective.

One method I used is leveraging an influencer and share their stuff with a personal review or summary. “Mary” writes an excellent article about growing herbal plants.” You expand on that by linking back to the original article with your own take plus mentioning your high tech, aquaponic tabletop containers that make growing those herbal plants that much easier!

Through the laws of Reciprocity, Mary is thus motivated to reshare and mention your link because you gave value to her own in a non-spammy way. And, you’d been conversing with her in a social media network for a few months. She knows your face and she knows your name through repetition and building a genuine friendship in the digital millennium.

Guess what? You’ve opened your new store up to all the people connected to Mary! Go Go Gadget Gardening, aye!? Now here are some graphical dimensions for your face photo on various social networks:

  • Facebook – 180 pixels by 180 pixels
  • Google Plus – 250 pixels by 250 pixels
  • Twitter – 400 pixels by 400 pixels
  • Pinterest – 165 pixels by 165 pixels
  • Instagram – 110 pixels by 110 pixels
  • LinkedIn – 400 pixels by 400 pixels
  • YouTube – 800 pixels by 800 pixels
  • Tumblr – 128 pixels by 128 pixels

If you’re not a graphics artist by any stretch of the mile, head over to and upload your professional photo and just resize and download it. It’s also a website that can help you create image types for various social media platforms. Just as if you were interviewing for a job, dress sharp and style your hair. Don’t slouch! It is true what they say, “An image is worth a thousand words”!

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