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We realize that a lot of our community members would like to help thirty bees grow, but each person in our community has different resources and different skill sets. This is why we have created this section to let users know of the current needs of thirty bees and what they can do to help the project.


Give a review of thirty bees

A good honest review goes a long way in convincing new users to use thirty bees. A lot of sites even sort their recommendations by the number of reviews. This not only helps thirty bees to grow by gaining new users, it also helps our SEO because it can be seen as a ranking factor traffic wise. Right now there are a couple places we could use reviews. Please be honest in your reviews and only leave one review. We are not trying to game the system.


Alternative to PrestaShop

Alternative to Shopify

Alternative to Zen Cart

Alternative to Magento

Alternative to OpenCart

Help our marketing efforts

Our marketing is one of the main things that draws new users to thirty bees. We could use some help in that area. Things like suggesting thirty bees and linking to our site help us. It gives us a wider reach for new users. If you are a member of any e-commerce forums, groups, or developers groups, mention us.

Follow and like thirty bees

People judge companies and software by the size of their followings. Its a good way to first look at a company or software to tell how big or successful they are. This is why it is helpful for us to have more followers on the different social platforms that we use. The main ones are:



Google Plus


GitHub (click to star our repository)


Write documentation

Documentation is a great way to help out the thirty bees project. Our documentation covers both technical aspects of how to program thirty bees and also covers the aspects of how to install and use our modules as well. Our documents are kept at docs.thirtybees.com and are also a GitHub repository found here.  For simple edits you can just click the edit button on document page or in GitHub. Our documentation system is based around Jekyll, so for more complex edits you will need to clone the repository, and compile the Jekyll files to upload the edits.

Rewrite store descriptions

Some of our module descriptions on our store are not well written and could use more information in them. Maybe instructions on how to configure the modules, or a list of features that the module has. This would really help users in deciding what modules to download for their shop. Since all of the thirty bees modules are free, they are kept in our GitHub repository and are easily edited.

Editing the descriptions is pretty simple and anyone with a GitHub account can do it. All of our descriptions for products use the standard markdown, here is a link to a markdown reference.

From there all you need to do is to click on the edit button of the description file in a modules repository. All modules use the same standard setup, the description file is located in the .tbstore directory of the module and is called description.md. Here is a link to the description for the Elastic Search module. If you wanted to edit this description, just click the pencil edit button next to history and make the edits and press save, then GitHub will guide you through the process of creating the pull request.

Fix bugs

With any software package the size of thirty bees bugs will happen. There will be bugs of different severity and different complexity at any given time. If you want to lend a hand fixing bugs in thirty bees, you will need to have some programming skills and debugging knowledge. For a bug tracker we use GitHub issues. The main issues page for thirty bees is under the thirty bees repository, you can view the current list of issues here. You can go down the list of open issues until you find one that you think you might can fix or one that might affect your or a client’s shop. From there you can fix the issue, then make a pull request against our repository so we can add your fix to the core.

Report Bugs

If you have come across a bug in thirty bees please report it. The best place to report bugs is our issue tracker on GitHub. This way us and people wanting to help fix bugs can find the bugs in one centralized location. Reporting bugs is vital to our software, 100% of bugs that are never reported are never fixed. So if you have encountered a bug, please report it on our GitHub issue tracker.

Translate thirty bees

We try to make thirty bees available in as many languages as possible, so we rely on community translators to be able to translate the software into some of those languages. If you can write in one of the languages that is not finished we would love to have you join our translation project. You can view our translation progress on our Crowdin page. Here you can sign up for a free Crowdin account and help us get thirty bees translated to as many languages as possible.

Module Icons

The icons for our modules need to be replaced. If you are an icon designer, we would love to have you contribute to our project in helping us replace the icons on our modules. Because of licensing issues we cannot just purchase icons, because putting them in our repository would be against the licensing agreements. The size we need for the icons is is 128 x 128. If you would like to make an icon set for our modules, please let us know.

Design Banners

Are you a graphic designer? We could always use banners for different activities and marketing we do. If you have a penchant for design, helping us design different banners for our site would be a great way to help us out. Because the need is ever changing, reach out to us through our contact form and one of us can let you know of the current need.

Guest Posting

Do you have an idea for a great blog post that you can write? Let us know, we would love to have members from our community to create guest posts for our blog. They can be about topics like SEO, technical aspects of thirty bees, speed optimization, or just general articles about how to run your shop. The list of ideas is virtually endless. One thing we will not accept is low quality blatant advertising articles, those do not help anyone out. All guest post articles will have a do follow link as well, so it could potentially help your SEO. If you have an idea for a guest posting article on our blog, use our contact form and let us know the topic and a little about the article.

Help Users on our Forum

It may sound trivial, but helping users on our forums helps thirty bees. Showing new users that we have a vibrant active community that is open and receptive of new members is a great way to attract new users. Helping users who have issues on our forum is a great way to help us keep users with thirty bees as well.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can visit the thirty bees forum and start helping users today!