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What is thirty bees?

thirty bees is open source e-commerce with cutting-edge features. Features that allow merchants to quickly set up their shops and start selling online. thirty bees has been designed with over 500 features, which allows it to scale as your business grows.  Join the thousands of successful merchants around the world that trust thirty bees with their businesses.


Open Source


Features to empower your business

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Built for speed

e-commerce sites need to be fast

When choosing an e-commerce platform speed needs to be a major consideration. Countless studies have shown that slower sites produce fewer sales. It has even become a ranking factor in Google. That is why speed is such a major consideration with thirty bees. We excel to be the fastest, full-featured e-commerce platform on the market. We realize the importance of increasing conversions through site speed.

Let thirty bees be your partner in delivering the fastest possible e-commerce experience for your customers, it is our specialty.

Speed Increases Sales.

All tests were performed on an out of the box installation of thirty bees, with all caches enabled. The testing site was a 1gb Vultr instance running on CloudWays.

Google PageSpeed Score
Pingdom Score
Fully Loaded Page Time