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How to migrate from PrestaShop?

Some questions that get asked very often are “how do I migrate from PrestaShop?” and “what can I migrate from PrestaShop?”. In fact, we receive these questions so often that we have decided to provide you with this dedicated page to explain everything in detail.

From which versions can I migrate?

What can I migrate?

If you are coming from PrestaShop 1.6: everything! For 1.5 you might have to change your theme and a few modules might not be compatible, unless 1.6 versions of those modules are available. For 1.7 your will have to change your theme and if there are no 1.6 alternatives for the modules you will not be able to use them.

As soon as you click the “migrate to thirty bees” button, the core of your store will be swapped with thirty bees’. This means that all the core data and that of your modules stays untouched. It’s as simple as that!

How can I migrate?

First of all, download the migration module for your version of PrestaShop. You can then upload this module via your back office, like a regular module:

Upload the migration module like any other

On some versions, PrestaShop will tell you that the module is not trusted and you will be presented with a modal that looks like this:

Module is not trusted

This is okay and nothing to worry about, because it happens with any module that is not downloaded from the Addons store. You can proceed by clicking “Proceed with the installation”.

As soon as you install the module and visits its configuration page (click: “Configure” from the module list), it will perform a few checks already. If one of the checks fails you will be presented with the error message that lets you know what you should change. To make sure you can go to the module’s migration page right away, make sure that your system complies with the minimal requirements. You can find thirty bees’ system requirements on the download page: https://thirtybees.com/download.

Once you’re all set, when opening the module’s configuration page, you will be presented with the migration page:

Migration page

In this example, everything from the checklist is green. This might not be in your case. Make sure you comply with every item on the list and you will see that the blue “Migrate to thirty bees” button gets unlocked. You are free to pick a channel, but we recommend to choose “stable”.

Underneath this panel you will find some extra settings. If you are familiar with PrestaShop’s 1-Click upgrade module, you will be familiar with most of these settings and already know what they are for. The only difference is that the settings are changed live, so there is no save button, just a green confirmation message when the setting is changed.

Let’s go through all the available options:

Migration options

In the Upgrade Options panel we see:

  • Server performance – this will determine how many files are copied per iteration (or technically ajax request). The faster your server is, the more it can process at once, but it is not necessary to increase this value in order to improve the migration. You can leave it at “low” if you do not know what this setting means.
  • Disable non-native modules – We expect that stores on 1.5, 1.6.0.x and 1.7 might have some modules that are not fully compatible with thirty bees, because they were written for an older or newer version than the version we have forked thirty bees from (thirty bees was officially forked from PrestaShop Even though many modules have been updated for 1.6.1.x versions, you might have some outdated modules on your server. Leaving this option enabled will give you a safe way to upgrade those modules to the latest version after the upgrade and make sure those version of the modules are compatible.
  • Disable overrides – We particularly expect stores on 1.5 and 1.7 to have problems with overrides. This, because the origin of overrides on 1.5 is largely unknown and 1.7 has a different structure. Leaving this option on allows you to clean up those overrides. It is usually done by removing modules that are not compatible and replacing them with modules that are suitable for PS 1.6.1.x or thirty bees. Again, this option is to make sure you still have access to your back office after the upgrade in case there are incompatibilities at first. To re-enable overrides and non-native modules you can visit the page “Advanced Parameters > Performance”.
  • Switch to the thirty bees default theme – This option is enabled by default on PS 1.5, 1.6.0.x and 1.7. This is just to make sure you can start using thirty bees right away with a compatible theme

Another important panel is Backup Options. Even though the thirty bees migration module provides a way to backup your files and data we strongly encourage you to use your own backup tools as well. This, because tools provided by your hosting provider have a much better way to manage your old files and data and of course when it comes to hosting important websites such as your store, it is much better to be safe than sorry. The options we see in this panel are:

  • Back up my files and database – This is the basic option that will cause the module to backup your basic files and database. This excludes your images (everything in the img folder).
  • Back up my images – This will cause a full backup to happen. The img folder will now also be added to the backup.

The rollback panel allows you to choose to restore from previous backups that were made during the migration. In case anything failed, or if you want to roll back, you can restore your files and database with this panel.

Okay, let’s start the migration!

Click “Migrate to thirty bees”, sit back and relax. Once the process is complete you will be presented with the confirmation message and thirty bees will log you out. Just click a menu item to be redirected to the login or refresh the page. After the login you should be migrated to thirty bees. You might notice that the logo still shows PrestaShop. This happens when your browser and/or website cache have not been emptied. Press CTRL+F5 or CTRL+SHIFT+R to fully reload the page and it should show the thirty bees logo. This (partially) confirms that the migration has succeeded and we welcome you to this new chapter! Feel free to visit our community forum in case you have any questions.

Help, my modules are gone!

If you see an empty homepage and dashboard, this likely means your modules are still disabled. Visit “Advanced Parameters > Performance” to enable your modules again. Make sure the “Debug mode” panel looks like this:

Troubleshooting and support

If the migration did hang or some other error shows, also visit our forum. We’ll be glad to help! Need faster support? You can also find us on Gitter.