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thirty bees is available on most hosts that use cPanel. We are included in the most popular installer for cPanel Softaculous! All you need to do is go to your current cPanel, and install our application from there. If you cannot find it in your cPanel, email your host and they can activate it. You can read more about installing thirty bees using Softaculous here. 

  • PHP 5.5 – PHP 7.1
  • Apache 2.2.x+ or nginx 1.8.0+ (IIS is not supported)
  • Linux (recommended), Windows or OS X
  • MySQL 5.5.3+ (excluding 8.x) or MariaDB 5.5+ (InnoDB for the main tables and utf8mb4 character encoding)
  • PHP’s memory_limit setting should be at least 128MB
  • PHP extensions:
    • Required:
      • gd
      • bcmath
      • xml (SimpleXML and DOMDocument classes)
      • json
      • zip (ZipArchive class)
      • mysql (PDO only)
    • Recommended:
      • imap
      • curl
      • mbstring
      • opcache
      • soap
      • apcu/redis/memcache(d)

Version history

thirty bees 1.0
thirty bees 1.0.8 – released December 14th, 2018DownloadRelease Notes
thirty bees 1.0.7 – released September 27th, 2018DownloadRelease Notes
thirty bees 1.0.6 – released August 16th, 2018DownloadRelease Notes
thirty bees 1.0.5 – released June 26th, 2018DownloadRelease Notes
thirty bees 1.0.4 – released May 2nd, 2018DownloadRelease Notes
thirty bees 1.0.3 – released August 18th, 2017DownloadRelease Notes
thirty bees 1.0.2 – released July 17th, 2017DownloadRelease Notes
thirty bees 1.0.1 – released April 26th, 2017DownloadRelease Notes
thirty bees 1.0.0 – released February 16th, 2017DownloadRelease Notes