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The Company

thirty bees is the brainchild of both Michael Dekker and Lesley Paone, who have over 30 years combined development experience. Both bring to the table years of e-commerce experience and the know-how to deliver a better software package for merchants.  The core belief in thirty bees as a company is being open and transparent while creating great software. Everything that thirty bees will create will be open source and free. Features will not be left out of our software so that we can sell them back to users, this is not how we do business.

One key area thirty bees focuses on internally is automation. Taking the time to set automation flows, in the beginning, pays off great dividends in the future. This allows us to accomplish a lot for a small team. It keeps us free from mindless tasks like pushing updates to our store when we build modules. Our automation flow with GitHub handles this for us automatically. This is just one example of how we can produce so much and still be hyper-focused on creating a great software package.

There is a better way

The vision

thirty bees is an open source e-commerce company founded around one basic principle, listening to our merchant’s needs. After years of working with pre-made e-commerce software, we realized there has to be a better way. A better way to handle bugs, feature requests, and integrations with other platforms. This is the reason we forked into thirty bees, to start filling this void in the marketplace, to give our merchant’s uncompromising quality and stability in their shops.

Innovation has been lost on many e-commerce platforms, this is something we are bringing back. Innovative features help merchants sell products. Whether it is better SEO features, speed enhancements, or modernizing underlying libraries, these all translate to a better experience for your customers. It also leads to less shop administration time by merchants as well, giving you time to grow their business in other ways.

This is better e-commerce

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