thirty bees roadmap

Having a good roadmap is an absolute must with open-source software. We want our community to know where we are going and what our plans are. We also know this is a great way to get more community involvement as well. Over the course of time we will be plotting feature requests to our roadmap to give merchants and developers a view of our path forward. Features might be moved or changed at times, because one of the most important factors we have to deal with is not breaking compatibility. So please bear with us and let’s all grow together!

Bringing translations to 100% in the following languages

  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Turkish
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Spanish (Colombia)

In-context Crowdin translation tool so translations can be made from the back office 

This will improve the quality of the translations by allowing translators to see the context of the words so they will be able to use the proper contextual words during the translation process and directly push their contributions to Crowdin.

MailChimp Integration Module

Our MailChimp module is currently being tested in its full glory. We have gone beyond what other MailChimp modules can do and have added the full e-commerce integration. You will be able to send abandoned cart emails, product recommendations, and more with this module.

Blog Module

Lets face it. A blog module is needed by almost every e-commerce shop. They are a staple of SEO these days. Ours will feature Gravatar and Disqus for the comment system as well to help with spam.

OmniPay module

A module that integrates with a lot of payment gateways at once. Want to switch to a different payment gateway? No problem, just pick the next one from the list! More information and supported gateways can be found here:

Already Completed

  • Full Page Caching
  • Fixed Existing Caching Methods
  • Added redis Caching Method
  • Fixed over 2000 bugs
  • New Back Office Theme
  • New Front Office Theme
  • Improved Exporting
  • Canonical URLS
  • Friendly URLS
  • Debug and Developer Profiling from the Back Office
  • Self-documenting code
  • Better Error Reporting
  • Automatic Updater
  • Conversion module from PrestaShop (but not 1.7) to thirty bees

To be announced

To be announced

To be announced