Hi All! 

We are happy to present to you the latest version of Thirty Bees – 1.4. The main advantage of this version is the full support of PHP 8.0 and 8.1 If you need help with upgrading your store, feel free to contact us. It saves you work and you will support Thirty Bees with it. Many merchants preceded you already! Please note that PHP 5.6 is not supported anymore, so please upgrade in time to avoid downtime of your store.

Beside that we have done many bigger and small improvements. Some enhancements in the webservice as well as tracking packs sold (its parts), some enhancement in Features and some bug fixing. Please find them all in the change log or under this email.

Furthermore I would like to tell you a bit about what we have also been busy with. We have been working on quite some modules what should make your work more efficient in the future. Those modules will be slowly released in the upcoming months.

  1. Advanced error monitoring, which makes it easy to monitor in depth errors in your system.
  2. A Full scale Warehouse Management System module, which will make picking and packing very easy. Fully integrated with all functions you need in an ecommerce warehouse. It will be perfect for anyone that has multiple people working in the warehouse. It will save you a lot of time, mistakes and will save you money from day one. If you are interested, please drop us an email to discuss your implementation.
  3. Native Thirty Bees Mollie payment provider module
  4. Advanced Support Ticketing system with optional communication channels like WhatsApp, telegram, email, etc.
  5. FAQ Snippets: With this module you can easily add FAQ lists to product and category pages. Search engines can show this information in their result page as it has the snippets markup. By adding links to the text you can attract more people to you store and increase sales. Must have for every ecommerce site!
  6. List flow module: Allows you to create dynamic lists of products. Products can be automatically added or removed from the lists when they meet some criteria. For example when text changes. This can be used to add provide list of products that require attention to your translator, photographer or marketeer. This is very powerful module, but the initial settings can be overwhelming. You might want some support for setting it up. Must have for every ecommerce store with lots of products, translations, domains, and employees!
  7. History logging: This module logs most changes on product level and who did make the change. Some examples are price changes, text changes, meta data changes and much more. Must have for tracking changes on product level by different employees.

And don’t forget thirty bees is an open source platform, maintained and kept alive by Merchants and enthusiastic developers. Any one time donation you make will be much appreciated and will 100% be used for the development of thirty bees. Buy us a beer or become a backer and show us thirty bees has a value for you.

Happy selling!

Petr & Chiel


Added PHP8 compatibility

Removed PHP5.6 support

WebService enhancements

  • logging
  • error reporting
  • employee context

Carrier enhancements

  • translatable carrier name
  • ability to disable some carrier ranges

Enhanced error reporting

  • ability to attach custom loggers
  • replaced die statements with exception, so the root cause can be logged
  • don’t hide SQL exception by default

Packs enhancements

  • dynamic pack feature
  • do not show hidden pack items
  • track pack items sold

Features enhancements

  • improved feature values editation directly from product page
  • product filtering by features in admin list

Extendable back office notifications

  • it is now possible to have custom notifications icons in back office page, for example for new reviews

Fixed a lot of bugs. Most important one:

  • Fixed image type resolving
  • Autoloader case sensitivity issue
  • updating product positions withing category
  • dashboard: date range automatic recalculation
  • delete category: orphaned products
  • product thumbnail name conflict
  • numbers input audit
  • mobile theme detection
  • uploading attachement filesize issue

Other enhancements

  • some category fields like active were made multistore-aware
  • ability to edit specific prices
  • custom code – multistore support
  • combination generation: unique reference
  • import: introduced custom data sources
  • Smrty MySQL Cache encryption — security must have
  • reviewed debug mode
  • product: enable shop association
  • products: simplified multistore editation
  • customer service: new settings controller
  • support search with spelling errors
  • file manager support for webp format
  • csv export customizable field delimiter