thirty bees is a shift in the market. thirty bees is what happens when you do not listen to a community. What thirty bees is, is a fork of PrestaShop. A lot of developers in the PrestaShop ecosystem have decided that PrestaShop can no longer handle their needs. In this we have decided to start working on another project using the PrestaShop code.

What is a fork?

PrestaShop is open source, that means as long as you respect the license and the licensing terms, you can take the code and use it under a different project. This is the beauty of open source. In a basic sense a fork is like a fork in the road. We have come to a point where we want to split off from the main PrestaShop development path. That is why we are forking. What does this mean for users? Read on to find out.

Why did we fork?

We all have different reasons for forking. I can tell you mine. I manage a large (maybe the largest) agency dedicated to providing support for PrestaShop. Every day we have the same issues with client’s shops. We see the same bugs over and over again not fixed. We have noticed that PrestaShop is no longer meeting our needs by keeping up with features. Features every other platform has, it does not. This is frustrating. Explaining reasons to clients is frustrating.

What we aim to do!

Our sole aim is to create an e-commerce platform that works for merchants. A platform that they can suggest features and they will get added. A platform that will help their businesses grow.

Help us!

We need help in this. We have a growing to do list before our launch, check it out here. If you can write code help us out on GitHub. If you are good at documentation we can use help there as well. We need all kinds of help to make this platform successful.

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About the Author:

Lesley Paone
Lesley is one of the co-founders of thirty bees. He also is the owner of a PrestaShop support, development, and SEO agency called dh42. He has been active in the ecommerce community for almost a decade providing help and support services.
  • Rick

    Hi Lesley – Will thirty bees be backward compatible for the themes and modules that we have already invested in?
    I have no real desire to move to Prestashop 1.7 but would like the existing bugs to be sorted in 1.6 – so you have my support with your fork.



    • lesley

      We are shooting for 100% backwards compatibility with all modules and themes that work with the 1.6.1.x versions of PrestaShop. We don’t think people should have to buy modules and themes from scratch again, that is a big point of this whole project.

  • Sounds great !! I’m impressed.


  • Robert

    Excited to see the work! Good job~

  • All this have been around my mind almost since I started working with PrestaShop, and now it is becoming real. I will try to help as much I can. Best wishes and best of luck for the team!

    I hate many things in Prestashop, but I hope we can start loving its essence through this project.

    • lesley


      Thanks. we have exactly the same feelings.

  • Im using prestashop since 2009, and i feel exactly the same, if thirty bees is going to be compatible with the modules and themes that i have right now on Prestahop 1.6.x then i will do the change, because i dont like the Prestashop Version 1.7

  • Robert Andersson

    Just back from a long holiday in Thailand and this news was a sweet surprise. I’m so happy the talks on gitter etc become reality.

    Everything’s looking great so far and I’m really impressed with what you have already achieved.

    I’ll do my best to help make thirty bees a success.

    Now on to test beta2!

    Cheers, Robert.

    • lesley

      We would love any help you can give, we need as much help from the community as possible to make this the best ecommerce platform in the world.

  • Thank you! I have my frustrations a long time now. Now someone is really listing. Thanks Lesley! Looking forward to take advantage of it.



  • Tim

    I will definitely try out Thirty Bees

    Originally i choose Prestashop over closed shopping solutions because i had requirements that could only be fullfilled by open source. But i was kind of sad when i had to a module just to get decent performance and still feel kind of left in the dark because there was easy way to spot code / logic performing badly.

    Looking really much forward to see how a stock thirty bees will compare my existing Prestashop setup.

  • Baarssen

    I am very interested! Good work so far!

  • Shall we call this “Free 30 Bees” by meaning getting free from Presta jail ! Yeah
    You know for fact how much of frustration we had together with presta and still do bambino …
    I am assuming this will be better than CS-Cart and Magento if you want too.

    Keep your honesty and hard work up Lesley, may become e-commerce Boss

  • Kon Rad

    So much needed fork! 🙂
    It is 100% Prestashop compatibile?

    • Do Mas

      my theme is not comaptible 🙁 using ps

      • What theme are you using?

        • Do Mas

          PS 1.6 default with a little bit CSS modifications

        • Do Mas

          need edit/disable Community Theme Top Menu module, then themes are compatible 🙂

          • Michael Dekker

            When you installed the theme, did thirty bees recommend to uninstall the module (not ticked when module list is shown)?

          • sorry dont remember

  • gonebdg

    good to know that someone (dh42) had the same mind as I do …
    I’ll support this!

    • thirty bees

      Awesome. It was more than dh42 however. There are about 6 different individuals involved. You are welcome to help support the project on patreon as well,

  • Are you guys going to be adding multi vendor like a marketplace features?