Hi All!

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the latest version of Thirty Bees: Version 1.5.
This new release brings with it a lot of changes, including numerous core modifications and security fixes that are detailed in the list below.

In addition, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Premium Module Offer!
Instead of selling these modules at a high one-time price, we have opted to make them affordable for everyone! With only a small monthly fee, which is based on installation, not users. This will help support Thirty bees in maintaining the modules over time with the latest techniques and enhancing them based on your requests. Helping us to improve Thirty bees and make it grow!

With the release of this version, we have also revised our Backer Plans, now referred to as Member Plans. Some of these plans include direct (paid) support from the team. This support time can be used to help explain how to use the system, custom development, or general support.

Become a Member Now and Take Advantage of the Full Ecosystem!

In the weeks ahead, we will release more modules designed to save you time and boost your revenue. We invite you to explore the new Member plans today, to save you time and make your store more productive!
The modules can be found in your installation on the module page.

And don’t forget, Thirty bees is an Open Source platform, maintained and kept alive by Merchants and enthusiastic developers. Any one time donation you make will be much appreciated and will 100% be used for the development and improvement of Thirty bees. Please buy us a beer or Become a Member and help Thirty bees to grow and trive!

Happy selling!

Petr, Theo & Chiel

Full list of changes is posted on the forum

[ Features ]

  • Premium modules

  • Extracted minification from core, introduced new module instead

  • Extracted email sending functionality from core, introduced Mail Transport modules

  • use Server Side Cache [redis/memcache] for smarty caching

  • Attributes / Features list – drilldowns to products

  • Support combinations for virtual products

  • New carrier conditions – min order weight, min order value, max order value

  • Cookies optimization – smaller, faster

  • CSV import – support custom import entities

  • Contact form: option to disable confirmation email

  • Revamped File Manager – image handling, update library, security fixes

  • Revamped modules zip files handling – unification, fixed problem with deleting assets

  • Currency – ability to specify decimal places

  • Cart rules: ability to set maximum discount value

  • Support for custom notifications in toolbar

  • System Notifications

  • Webservice: Order Detail Pack informations

  • Webserivce: expose Order Cart Rules

  • Experimental features – stringify fetches

  • Support tinymce editor customization

  • Public names for features

[ Bugs and Maintenance ]

  • A lot of bug fixes in core and native moudles

  • Fixed lot of PHP 8.2 compatibility warnings

  • Fixed redis/memcache/acpu cache

  • Security fixes

  • Removed support for PHP 7.3 and older

  • Removed unused code (push notifications, configuration tests, rijndael)

  • Fixed dashboard and stats reporting

  • fixed ecotax calculation

  • Fixes BO order edit – support free product, weight calc, restock…

  • Fixed installation packs data – tax rates, zones,…

  • Decreased dependency on third party library (google maps,…)