Three new cache modules just released

We have been some busy bees here lately at thirty bees. Today we are adding three new modules to our growing list of core modules. By now most users know that we focus a great deal on performance at thirty bees. The new modules are no exception to that. They are managers for the most [...]

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Module Compatibility: PresTools

We are happy to announce that PresTools has made their suite of backoffice modules compatible with thirty bees. If you are not familiar with PresTools, it is an awesome suite of different tools for managing your shop that has been around for several years. It is owned and maintained by a member of our forum, [...]

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thirty bees partners with Jolt

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with one of the United Kingdom's top web hosting companies Jolt. As a hosting company Jolt brings a lot to the table. They have plans ranging from simple shared hosting plans to reseller plans, and dedicated servers. Not to mention they are very affordable. Jolt has [...]

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Module Compatibility: PrestaFABRIQUE

Today we have a new entry to our module compatibility program. PrestaFABRIQUE has decided to make their modules compatible with thirty bees. They are a European based module development company and full service agency. PrestaFABRIQUE  brings to the table five of their best selling modules geared at making your shops more user friendly and also [...]

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Donation mining to support open source software

This past weekend there was a popular article about The Pirate Bay using their visitors computers to mine cryptocurrency. They were using a service called Coin Hive on their site, it uses a javascript miner to mine Monero currency while users browsed the site. It happens seamless in the background, while just putting a little [...]

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Ad blockers could be hurting your SEO strategy

We all hate ads don't we? Especially the annoying ones that auto play and scare the hell out of you when you are browsing a site in the middle of the night with the lights off. One things you might not realize, is some ad blockers are actually blocking your Google Analytics from loading. This [...]

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