thirty bees is growing


We know there have been a lot of questions surrounding what thirty bees is doing lately, but don't worry, we are not sitting on our laurels. We are actually growing as a company. We are proud to announce the newest member of our team Markus Hitter. You might recognize him from the thirty bees forums as @traumflug. You can also find him on GitHub under the same nick as well. Markus brings a lot to the table working with thirty bees, he was one of the first community members to join in the effort of working with thirty bees. It did [...]

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thirty bees update – How you can help


Welcome to another edition of the thirty bees update. This update is going to consist of two parts, the first part is to let you know what we are doing and why its taking so freaking long. The second part is asking you all for help in what ever way you can help. While also being a little more candid in what are the goings on at thirty bees. What we have been up to? This week we have bug fixed and update a few of our core modules. Namely the MailChimp module. Having a solid MailChimp module is one of [...]

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The state of thirty bees


In the past week the forum has gone into full meltdown with users speculating whats is going on at thirty bees. Are we going out of business? What are we working on? Where have we been. I am going to set the record straight today, give some insights, and hopefully make everything easier for the future. Neither Michael or myself are wealthy. We have to balance our time with thirty bees and our time making income to support our families. thirty bees does not make us money. In all, thirty bees does not make enough money to pay for thirty bees [...]

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Using your stats


Have you ever wondered why stats were included in your shop? You can actually use the included stats in your shop to increase your SEO, better your marketing efforts, and drive more sales to your shop. Below are some of the stats I like to use in my client's shops to gain insight into how their customers browse their shops and what we can do better in their shops.   Pages not found This is one of my favorite stats. It lets you see all the pages that are registering 404 errors in your shop. Looking at the not found pages [...]

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Module Compatibility: PrestaHeroes


Today we have a great new addition to the current list of companies that are making compatible modules for thirty bees. PrestaHeroes has started making their modules compatible with thirty bees. If you are not familiar with their module offerings, they are experts on localization and geo-targeting. If you are not familiar with PrestaHeroes, you might know their owner from the PrestaShop forum, he uses the nickname el Patron, he is one of the most popular forum members. He also has been a personal friend of mine for several years as well. The modules They have converted 6 of their most [...]

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Server Security


Security is an often overlooked aspect of e-commerce. We have seen a lot of merchants that set up their site and never think about security again. This very bad practice and can put your customer's data at risk. With new laws coming in place in the EU and with data breaches being more scrutinized around the world, security should be at the forefront of your mind. Data breaches can not only cost your company in reputation, you can also be held liable in some instances from your payment processor. Since security breaches can come from many different angles we are going to [...]

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E-commerce and Accessibility


Website accessibility is a topic that is not commonly talked about, but it is an important topic none-the-less. Especially when you consider that you could be excluding a whole demographic of potential customers from your website. Other concerns with having an inaccessible website are that you could be in violation of the laws in your country as well, opening your business to sanction or fines. This is why we need to bring this discussion out of the shadows and confront it. The legal benefit A growing number of countries are starting to require websites to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. By [...]

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ReCaptcha and Spam


Over the past couple of weeks, we have noticed an uptick in comment form spam. Most of the spam we have seen seems to be coming from either .ru email addresses or qq email addresses. Some shops we are seeing are getting hundreds a day, making it nearly impossible to handle normal business, because they are too busy deleting the spam messages. For those of you unfamiliar with me, I own dh42, we support currently around 600 PrestaShop websites and a steadily growing number of thirty bees websites. Since thirty bees is so closely related to PrestaShop, the problems we are [...]

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thirty bees and GDPR


Here in the next couple of weeks, we are getting ready to start making thirty bees compliant with the European Union's Global Data Protection Regulations. This is likely going to be a big undertaking to comply with the EU regulations before the deadline comes into effect. The regulations around e-commerce shops are very wide sweeping and very vague at best. So we are left trying to decode the regulations to keep thirty bees users in compliance with them. If you have been eagerly waiting for thirty bees 1.0.4, you might have to wait a little bit longer. We are trying to figure [...]

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Module Compatibility: Green Mouse


We are happy to announce today that we have another company that has made their modules compatible with thirty bees and is offering services targeted at thirty bees. The newest entrant into the thirty bees module compatibility program is Green Mouse Studio. Green Mouse Studio is a web development and marketing agency based in Poland. They also make modules that support thirty bees as well. Modules Currently, Green Mouse has 10 different modules that support thirty bees and add a whole host of new features to your thirty bees shop. Some of their most popular modules are: Perfect Thumbnails Show Payment Methods [...]

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