Believe it or not, the grammar you use on your website does matter to buyers. Poorly written descriptions can make customers not trust your site with their purchases. I for one feel hesitant in doing business with a site that has a lot of typos and grammatical errors. Over this past weekend, I was looking through my newsfeed and found a pretty interesting product that can help with your grammar. It is called Grammarly.

How does it work

Grammarly is a browser plugin that you can install on your browser and it will catch grammar errors in the content on your site while you are writing it. Currently, it only works in English, but that is not all bad. If English is your second language, it can help you immensely while writing descriptions and other contents for your products. Or maybe you are like me and do not have strong writing skills, it can help there as well. I have already used its corrections three times in this article.

Grammarly comes in two versions, there is a free version and a paid version. I am currently using the free version to test it out, but I can see why people would use the paid version. The paid version has features that can supercharge your writing, such as enhanced vocabulary suggestions, genre specific writing styles, and punctuation and sentence structure checks. It also has a built-in plagiarism checker as well, which is very useful if you want to have unique SEO content on your site.

Below is a short video showing how Grammarly integrates with thirty bees.

Earlier I mentioned that Grammarly only works with English. That is true, but it does handle different dialects of English. It handles US English, Canadian English, Austrialian English, and UK English. This can be really helpful if you are translating your site to other localizations using English and will help distinguish your site from other sites as well, because of your excellent translations.

How to get it

Hopefully you can see the value that I did in Grammarly and want to check them out. You can visit their site and download their browser plugin here.