In the past 6 months I have mentioned that we have thought about pulling the plug on Patreon and moving to an in house system. Now is that time, we are finally ready to put Patreon to rest and move over to a better system for the future of thirty bees. Something more flexible, something that we can control more. Something were we control the data and users do not get randomly banned for what their store might be selling.

The new system

We are replacing Patreon with a function of our forum. This is going to allow us to better manage our supporters and provide more value for the support they provide us. Over the last few months we have tried to automate as many of the processes in our development flow as possible. Being a small team, this is essential to us being able to put out reliable software, without wasting a lot of hours actually building distributions of the software. Moving to an in house system for our supporters, we are able to utilize a script that will always keep our supporters file updated, without one of us having to manually update the file.

It will also allow us to add flare to the supporters on the forum to show everyone that you support the thirty bees project. Not to mention that the new system will also allow us to accept support at lower rates, so more of the community’s money makes it to thirty bees so we can press forward with our ideas.

Another aspect of moving to an in house platform is that it allows use to control your data better. In the past several months we have had a number of supporters who were removed from PAtreon for different reasons. Managing in house we will no longer have this problem. Plus, you will not be sharing your data with anyone other than us, that is a win-win situation.

How to sign up

I am in the process of changing out all of the links over the next couple days. But if you want to sign up to support thirty bees, there is a new page in the forum in which you can. Here is the new link to help support thirty bees. From here you can select which support level you want to support thirty bees at and sign up. Depending on your support level you will get different forum flare on our forum. You will also get access to a special forum for supporters only, since it is not public, we are more free to talk about the future of thirty bees and other things that might be of interest.


As always, we would like to thank our community, with out you all thirty bees would not be possible. We hope you all love the things we are doing with thirty bees to make it the most stable, secure ecommerce system in the world.