A little over a month after version 1.0.6 of thirty bees was released, we have released a new updated version of thirty bees, 1.0.7. This version comes with several bug fixes that we felt like we needed to make a quick release to fix. Plus, we realize the importance of keeping a regular release schedule.

Bug Fixes

There were 4 major bugs that were fixed in this version of thirty bees. They were:

  • The full page cache was accidentally broken in 1.0.6, this has been fixed.
  • A bug was introduced where some themes would not install depending on the configuration file.
  • The cron jobs could not run because of a date mismatch.
  • Fix Arabic date format issues.

Security Issue

There was a security bug fixed in 1.0.7 that affects all previous version, except 1.0.6. The issue does not affect the security of your shop, making it where your shop can get hacked. It is not that kind of security bug. The bug affects the Full Page Cache in thirty bees, under some circumstances users carts and personal information could be displayed to the wrong user. This bug was reported earlier this week by @datakick and he also fixed the issue as well. This bug was one of the main driving forces for this release, since we value both speed and security, it did not make sense to leave this bug open without a release.

PHP 7.2

We have also added more PHP 7.2 compatibility to this version. Still, everything might not work as intended and their might be some notices or warnings about deprecation with debug mode set to on. If you decide to run PHP 7.2 on a production site, we would recommend keeping your eyes on your error logs for any fatal errors that might be happening or other functionality that might not be working. We are striving to be compatible with the latest versions of PHP, but because we still support PHP 5.6 this is becoming tougher with every new PHP version.


We all here at thirty bees would like to thank all of the people that have take the time to help translate strings in the newest version of thirty bees. Give a big hand to, @DaoKakao, @toplakd, @yanivmirel, @elund, @m.tomasovsky, @trace, @Andreaevangelina, @paintspec, @Selwyn, @lutek, @null, @Antagony1060, @Khan27, @amirrzd to German, Russian, Slovenian, Polish, Danish, Hebrew, Czech, Spanish, Afrikaans, British English, Azerbaijani and Persian.