I am proud to announce today that we have yet another company willing to support thirty bees with their modules. Presto-Changeo has started testing and modifying their modules to support the thirty bees platform. With their support they bring to the table not only some great modules, but also a lot of experience in knowing what customers need and what our software is lacking.

I met Tomer from Presto-Changeo about a year after I got into e-commerce. He has always been around to lend a hand or help me with any issues that I have had. He is one of the few people in this industry that I talk to daily and keep in touch with. I have also used his modules for years, they are some of the most solid modules in the industry, with great quality control and functionality that is not found anywhere else.

The modules

Presto-Changeo has an extensive selection of modules, so they have not had a chance to convert and or test all of their modules with thirty bees yet, so their list will be growing soon. Right now they have 7 modules converted with more on the way. The current modules are:

  • Localized Shipping
  • Attribute Wizard
  • Attribute Grid
  • Attribute Wizard Pro
  • Product List Attributes
  • Paypal Pro
  • Paypal Advanced

A great selection of modules to get things started. Soon they will have their US shipping modules compatible with thirty bees as well, that is what I hear they are working on next. This will fill a huge gap for our US merchants.

Attribute Wizard Pro

One of Presto-Changeo’s most popular modules is Attribute Wizard Pro. It allows you to have unlimited attributes per product, opening a lot of doors to products you create and how you can manage them. It has a whole host of features such as layered images and advanced handling of attributes. If you have products that require a virtually unlimited number of features, this module is for you.

Localized Shipping

This is one of my favorite modules by Presto-Changeo. It allows for you to fine tune table rate shipping by zip code, state, or country. I have always been a fan of table rate shipping because of the speed in which you can usher a user through the checkout. If you plan on using flat or table rates in your site, this module is a definite must have.

You can visit Presto-Changeo’s site here: Presto-Changeo

About our compatibility program

Our compatibility program is very simple and simple to join. If you create modules that are compatible with thirty bees all you have to do is display the compatibility seal on your module page for customers to see. At the same time you have to support customers who have issues with your module and thirty bees. Its that simple. If you are displaying the seal, let us know, we would like to help the companies that support us out as much as possible. You can read more about our module compatibility program here.