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Today we have a great new addition to the current list of companies that are making compatible modules for thirty bees. PrestaHeroes has started making their modules compatible with thirty bees. If you are not familiar with their module offerings, they are experts on localization and geo-targeting. If you are not familiar with PrestaHeroes, you might know their owner from the PrestaShop forum, he uses the nickname el Patron, he is one of the most popular forum members. He also has been a personal friend of mine for several years as well.

The modules

They have converted 6 of their most popular modules to work with thirty bees so far, with more coming in the future. Below is the list of modules that they have made compatible so far:

One of my favorite modules that they have created is the PrestaVault. In recovering shops that have been hacked, I have found that module to be invaluable. The module will let you know if any file has been added or changed on the server, letting you know that the cleanup on the site has not been successful. This is very important since most hackers tend to hide dozens or even hundreds of backdoors on the server so they can get back into the site.


PrestaHeroes also offers an array of managed services for your shop including upgrades, custom module development, and server setup. They have a fast, friendly online quoting system to make the process of getting a quote quick and easy. If you are in need of custom development work on your site or simple troubleshooting, you should keep them in mind.

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