Today we have a new entry to our module compatibility program. PrestaFABRIQUE has decided to make their modules compatible with thirty bees. They are a European based module development company and full service agency. PrestaFABRIQUE  brings to the table five of their best selling modules geared at making your shops more user friendly and also helping with products that require custom quotes. PrestaFABRIQUE is headed up by owner and designer Botond Szakacs.

Compatible Modules

Currently PrestaFABRIQUE has five modules that are compatible with thirty bees, with more to come soon. All of their modules center around front office features that will make your shop easier for customers to navigate or place custom orders. The modules are:

  • Infinite Scroll
  • Featured Categories
  • Manufacturer Logo Slider
  • Ask for a Quote
  • Ask for a Quote Pro

One of their most popular modules is the Ask for a Quote Pro module. I personally have several B2B clients using this module on their site. One of our clients tried just about every quote module before falling in love with the simplicity and ease of use this module offers. If you sell custom products that cannot be configured online, sell to B2B customers, or have special pricing for institutions this is the module for you.

PrestaFABRIQUE has made a special offer until the end of the month. If you purchase the Ask for a Quote module, they will upgrade you to the Ask for a Quote Pro module for free. This is a 30 euro savings! Just use code AFQPROTB in the checkout and you will get the Pro version for the same price as the regular version.

You can visit PrestaFABRIQUE here: PrestaFABRIQUE

About our compatibility program

Our compatibility program is very simple and simple to join. If you create modules that are compatible with thirty bees all you have to do is display the compatibility seal on your module page for customers to see. At the same time you have to support customers who have issues with your module and thirty bees. Its that simple. If you are displaying the seal, let us know, we would like to help the companies that support us out as much as possible. You can read more about our module compatibility program here.