We are happy to announce today that we have another company that has made their modules compatible with thirty bees and is offering services targeted at thirty bees. The newest entrant into the thirty bees module compatibility program is Green Mouse Studio. Green Mouse Studio is a web development and marketing agency based in Poland. They also make modules that support thirty bees as well.


Currently, Green Mouse has 10 different modules that support thirty bees and add a whole host of new features to your thirty bees shop. Some of their most popular modules are:

Their Perfect Thumbnail module is one of their most popular modules, it allows you to keep the aspect ratio of your thumbnails without adding in the white space that thirty bees normally adds when the image is not the correct aspect ratio. This is a great module if you are using a custom theme that requires different aspect ratios for different sections of your site.

Other modules they have made compatible such as Accessories in the Cart Popup, Advanced Best Sellers, and Show Payment methods are based around increasing conversions for your shop. These modules allow you more flexibility over the configuration of your shop, changing the default


Green Mouse Studio also offers services based around thirty bees as well. Some of the services they offer are full site design and development, as well as services based around SEO and Google Adwords management. If you are looking for a company to manage your SEO or Adwords campaign, they would be a great choice, they have passed the rigorous process to become a Certified Google Partner.




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