It has been almost a year to the day that we decided to start thirty bees. The last year has been very eventful for us with thirty bees taking off faster than we expected. From the idea of making something better to making it a reality has been a journey, but it has been awesome so far. The one thing that makes all of this worthwhile is our community. They have stuck with us, reported bugs, helped us fix issues, given input on merchant processes, and even helped support us in both our Indiegogo and Patreon campaigns.

What have we accomplished in a year?

This time last year thirty bees was an idea among several people. Nothing more than idle talk among developers that were discontented with a situation. We took our displeasure and made a new reality with it. We started fixing bugs, rewriting code, developing software into what we think it should be, listen to merchants and added features they wanted as well. We started last year with 0 thirty bees shops. So what have we done in a year?

  • Launched almost 10,000 thirty bees shops
  • Fixed over 3000 bugs in the core
  • Added over 50 new features to the core
  • Rewrote the tax system to handle taxes correctly with vouchers, multiple tax rates, and multiple taxing items
  • Crowdfunded and developed a pretty awesome Elasticsearch module
  • Partnered with over 20 companies
  • Launched our module store
  • Created great content that helps our community
  • Modernized the core to support the latest software versions


We have accomplished all of this while at the same time trying to re-invent e-commerce. We are one of the only companies in the e-commerce market space based totally around open source. Sure, there are other open source e-commerce companies, but they also sell code as well. This is some we do not do. We are trying to create an oasis where a community can thrive around open source. Where modules are freely shared on our store, where users can comment on and rate modules. We are trying to create something different.

If you are happy with the thirty bees project, let us know. If you want to help support the thirty bees project, use the banner in the right column and become one of our patrons on Patreon. Being totally free and open source is fun, but we do need community support.

Thanks for the great year everyone, hopefully, we will have many more to come!