thirty bees 1.0.2 released!

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After a tremendous effort to get rid of the hardest bugs in this software and to fork this software even further from the original we have worked day and night for three months on 1.0.2. Most of the big changes have been described in a previous post about the beta of 1.0.2:

1.0.2 update highlights

  • CSV import improved
  • Currency display improved
  • Tax fixes
  • Discount fixes
  • Product customization improvements
  • URL rewrite fixes
  • RTL languages display improvements
  • Much faster
  • Google Maps API key
  • PHP and MySQL timezone sync
  • New style for demo data and theme

thirty bees 1.0.2

We have found most of the issues thanks to you, the community, and we would like to thank you for that! Even better, after releasing the beta we received a lot of good feedback about the discount and tax system. To be honest, I was just shocked to hear about the state of both systems. For this reason we have taken a couple of weeks extra time to make sure they were up to par. As a result you can now finally enable proportionate tax rates on shipping (for EU stores) via the renewed Advanced EU Compliance module. Other changes to the tax system are related to applying discounts, having multiple tax rates in the cart and take the current restrictions on discounts/taxes in the cart into account. A long list of the changes can be found on the release notes page:

Example invoice with rounding per item and proportionate shipping taxes

As a result most of the tax and discount systems have been reworked (in a backwards compatible way; without changing the database) to make them comply with the standards that merchants expect: correct prices and tax breakdowns on invoices and credit slips. This of course required a lot of testing and explains why we took a few weeks extra. We have been running 1.0.2 on a few production environments just to test (yes, we have that luxury!) and it took quite a few iterations before we had the right numbers on the invoice. But now that we have, we think it’s time to release 1.0.2.

Do you have an issue you think we should be looking at? Feel free to post on the forum or in the issues section of our GitHub repository.

As promised in our very first blog post we aim to create an e-commerce platform that works for merchants. This means we actually listen to the community, give it a voice, are going to implement the most requested features and of course make it work! With 1.0.2 and its huge amount of bugfixes I think we have shown to be able to keep this promise. If you haven’t already, you can try 1.0.2 today! If you don’t want to install it yourself, you can launch an instance on Cloudways.

Our most loyal readers might notice this release post has been published one day after the release of 1.0.2. That is correct, we have postponed our public announcements to spread the traffic a bit. For this reason we also haven’t released 1.0.2 via all channels. With this blog post we are keeping you informed of the current status:

1.0.2 release status

1.0.2 downloadable release package: Available

1.0.2 via the updater: Available

1.0.2 via the migration: Canceled – will be 1.0.3 in August

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