In an attempt to release faster we are currently trying smaller but more frequent updates. It turned out to be very hard to switch to this new schedule. As you can see on GitHub we are actually 25 days late, but as always we have decided to postpone the release to lower the chances of releasing something unstable. The major reason for this delay is that wanted to merge as many of your contributions as possible. Therefore we have allowed more issues and pull requests into 1.0.3 than originally planned, but most of all we have completely rewritten the integration with Crowdin, meaning that we can now finally guarantee that your translations can make it faster into the next release.

The previous version, 1.0.2, saw a lot of performance improvements. Unfortunately this meant that we had to trade in some stability. Luckily @yaniv14, @traumflug and @roband7 were quick to file reports and code changes on GitHub, to make sure these issues were resolved as quickly as possible. Also a huge thanks for helping confused users on the forum! We are going to make sure these issues can be prevented with tests. In fact, Kubilay has recently started to add more automated tests. Great job! We might not have the time to do everything at once, but at least we can increase our productivity tenfold by adding more and more automations.

1.0.3 update highlights

  • Database query fixes
  • Fix tax displays on the back office
  • Fix partial refunds on the BO order page
  • RTL admin fixes
  • Improve imports
  • Further fix product customizations in cart
  • Fix select boxes on admin panel
  • Improve duplicating products, stock reporting should be better
  • Fix enabling/disabling columns on pages
  • Fix line rounding when ecotax is enabled
  • Avoid mcrypt when extension is not enabled
  • Timezone validation before applying it (some PHP versions have strict timezone limits)
  • Improved search for language flags when missing
  • Fix Slovene language at install
  • Use HTTPS for Google Maps URLs on the BO order page
  • Fix countActiveLanguages in some cases reporting an incorrect number of active languages
  • Auto prefix table names in DbQuery class

The next set of issues are already planned for 1.0.4, which might be released quicker than 1.0.3, due to the extra automations we now have in place (and thus saving us lots of time). Do you have an issues you would like us to have a look at? Please report it on GitHub before the 1.0.4 milestone deadline. From that day on we will add new reports to 1.0.5 and switch the version on Crowdin from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4.

There is still a delay in the migration module. We are trying to keep you posted here as well:

1.0.3 release status

1.0.3 downloadable release package: Available

1.0.3 via the updater: Available

1.0.3 via the migration: Delayed