There are some sites you work with that get less than tech savvy people as customers. I personally have had a couple of clients whose sites are targeted at an older demographic that has trouble with the checkout some time. After a bit of thinking we came up with a way to help the users in the event that they called. Below is what we added to the cart.

thirty bees cart

Now if the user has an issue in the checkout and they call, they can give the merchant the reference number. What the reference number is, is actually the cart id. That allows the merchant to look up the cart quickly and easily, without having to start asking questions about what the customer was trying to order and finding the cart manually.

Adding something like this to thirty bees is pretty simple. All you have to do is find the template you want to add the message into, we used the shopping-cart.tpl so it would be at the top of the shopping cart. Then we simply added the line below.

<p>Are you having trouble with your order? Call us at  1-(xxx) xxx-xxxx  Order reference number {$cart->id}</p>

That is all you have to do, now if people have an issue with your checkout process they can call you and give you the cart id so you can look it up quickly and easily.