Unfortunately we had to pack the first version without translations, but we are happy to announce that they have been restored by now. In fact, you can download them right away from this page: https://translations.thirtybees.com/

How did we restore them so quickly, you ask? We now have our own CrowdIn project where everyone is free to make contributions to the translations. Thanks to CrowdIn we were able to recover most of the sentences via its translation memory.
We have also already seen contributions from Nick N. (multicsales), Havouza, bitfork, yanivmirel, Alex (Allba), Marcelo Livramento (molivramento), vovanych and okom3pom. Thank you very much for your help!

Contribute via CrowdIn

You can contribute, too. Since the whole project is on CrowdIn, it is very easy to continue working on the translations with their tools. Just sign up and visit our page.

Compiling language packages

These translations are what you eventually will see on the translations page. The process is very slow and not automated at the moment and we expect that because of that the translations will land into the packages once a week. As soon as the process is automated we will make sure that your contributions are visible withing several hours. We are also working on in-context translations, so you can help translate thirty bees right from your back office!

How about my back office?

We are working on restoring the “Add/update a language” option on the back office page “Localization > Translations”. Besides that, we will also make sure that the installer can be translated right out of the box. We have planned to restore it in one of the next PATCH version (1.0.1, 1.0.2 or 1.0.3) of thirty bees.

That’s it for now. If your language isn’t at 100%, yet, I’d like you to invite us to help on CrowdIn. Otherwise, have fun with the language packs!