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We just thought we would give everyone in the community a quick update about our module store and a little bit more information about it. The work on the store is progressing along quite nicely and we are going to be able to launch the store soon. We have planned on launching the store in two phases, so we can Q&A check and also check for any kind of bugs.

Phase one

The first phase of the launch is going to be free modules only. This way we can get feedback from both the community and the module developers as to how our system works. It will also give us a chance to see if there are any underlying bugs that we have missed in our system. Once we are satisfied that everything is working correctly and there are no bugs, we will progress along to phase two.

Phase two

This phase will be added select paid module developers that we trust to the shop for paid modules. We are going to limit the number of developers in the beginning so we can figure out if our payment systems are working correctly as well as our accounting and customer management systems. We are going to have many moving parts in our system such as reviews, comments, and few other systems. Once we are satisfied that everything is working correctly we are going to open the shop up to any developers that want sell modules.

Free modules

If you, or your company develops free modules and you would like to list them, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will send you an invite within the next week to start listing your modules. One thing we have stressed from the beginning is that we want to be a repository for free thirty bees modules. We want one centralized location where merchants can come and find modules for all of their needs. We expect for the majority of the modules on the thirty bees store to be free modules. Bringing all the modules under one roof is something most merchants can agree is the best possible solution. Plus they can see reviews for the free modules and know what versions the modules work with.

Why sell on our store?

Our store is going to be a bit different for developers that want to sell their modules. Currently most marketplaces charge between 30-55% for developers selling their modules. We are only going to charge 15%. That is a steep drop. The only caveat to that drop is, if you as a developer have your module listed on another site (besides your own) then it has to be priced lower on ours. In the end you will still make more money.

Our payment system is what will set us apart. We are going to start out using chained and parallel payments. If everything goes smoothly we will keep it that way. What this does is ensures developers get their split as soon as a customer makes an order. It also reduces the bookkeeping on our end as well, it is a win win situation in our minds.

Join us!

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