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You might remember a few weeks ago we did a poll on which module we should crowdfund. The answer was overwhelmingly the Elasticsearch module. We started the campaign today and we are really excited to see how it goes. Check it out and if having an awesome free search in your shop is something you are interested in, please donate to our campaign.

Donate to the ElasticSearch Module Campaign


The plans

If we exceed our goal by $1000 we are going to also expand the blog module as discussed in our post here.  If we exceed the goal by $2000 we will expand the blog module and also expand the review module as discussed in the post as well. That should be incentive to help us break our goals, because all three of these modules can directly help your shop and your sales.


The Perks

In this campaign we are offering 3 perks:

  • 40% off coupon for any order at Presto-Changeo. You can purchase 1 module or 10 modules, the coupon will be applied to the whole order. They are also one of the companies that support thirty bees with their modules. They have over 60 modules that they offer that can help your sales, or make your life easier.
  • 2 hour support package from dh42. dh42 is one of the companies behind thirty bees, so it only make sense that they would offer free support perks.
  • 10 hour support package from dh42

If you have thought about donating to an open source project now is the perfect time. Click the donate button and lets meet the goals!


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About the Author:

Lesley is one of the co-founders of thirty bees. He also is the owner of a PrestaShop support, development, and SEO agency called dh42. He has been active in the ecommerce community for almost a decade providing help and support services.