Partner Agency: idnovate

//Partner Agency: idnovate

Today we are proud to announce thirty bees newest partner agency idnovate. idnovate is a full service agency thirty bees based in Barcelona Spain. idnovate specializes in modules, but they are also a full service thirty bees agency. They are trained in both front end design and back end development, making them a great agency to handle all of your thirty bees needs. If you are looking for a great agency to help with your next project, look no further.


idnovate modules

idnovate has an extensive module library that is compatible with thirty bees. Currently they have almost 60 modules modules that add a wide range of features to thirty bees. Most of their modules fall into two classes, payment modules and front office features. This is not the limit to their modules though, they offer shipping modules, modules deisgned to make the administration of your shop easier, and price management modules. Below are some of their most popular modules.

Promotions and Discounts

This module allows you to offer many different types of promotions and discounts that are not available in the standard thirty bees package. You can define discounts like buy 3 products for the price of 2 products, or a frequently requested feature, a percentage off shipping if a specific condition is made in the order. This module will allow you to create promotions that can convert people browsing your site into buyers.

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Cash on Delivery with Fee

In some countries cash on delivery is a principal way of doing business online. But as more people are converting to online payments, you can subtly penalize the users that still want to choose cash on delivery by charging an extra fee. This module provides you a way to do that. This module does not just allow you to add a fee, you can customize it by either being a flat fee, or a percentage based fee. You can also cap the amount of fee that is charged as well.

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GDPR Compliance Module

This module allows your shop to comply with the current GDPR laws in the EU. If you operate a business in the EU it is essential that you comply with GDPR if you want to stay in business. This module allows you to create cookie consent levels for your shop and also allows your customers to withdraw their consent at any time they want, making your shop GDPR compliant on the front end.

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Whatsapp Live Chat Integration

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. This module allows you to add a Whatsapp chat to your site, where your users can asks questions or get ordering help in real time. This can help in closing sales and providing better customer service to your customers. The module is highly configurable, you can even set your working hours, so the module shows an after hours banner when your shop is closed.

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These are just a few of idnovate’s over 50 modules. If you are looking to expand your shop with new capabilities to try to entice new browsers to become customers check out their whole module store.

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About our partnerships

Partnering with thirty bees is a great way to support us and open source at the same time. thirty bees only makes money through our partnership agreements. We have no other revenue channels. We do not limit the features in the thirty bees software so we can sell features back to our users. We also do not sell our users information. We are 100% supported by our community and companies that see the benefit in partnering with thirty bees. Are you interested in partnering with us? Let us know!

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