Today we are happy to announce yet another thirty bees partner agency. ModuleZ has joined the thirty bees partner agency team, hailing from the Russian Federation.

ModuleZ has been working with PrestaShop and thirty bees since 2009, that gives them over 9 years of experience with the platforms. They also have a marketplace where different community members sell their modules aimed at thirty bees. Right now they bring over 60 compatible modules to the thirty bees eco sphere. Some of their modules include:


Not only does ModuleZ have a marketplace with thirty bees modules, but they also provide by the hour services and flat priced upgrade services for thirty bees as well. This makes them a full service agency set to handle all of your thirty bees needs. If you are looking for a solid, dependable company to handle your thirty bees shop, look no further than ModuleZ.  They have expereince in all aspects of thirty bees development, design, support, and maintenance.




About our partnerships

Partnering with thirty bees is a great way to support us and open source at the same time. thirty bees only makes money through our partnership agreements. We have no other revenue channels. We do not limit the features in the thirty bees software so we can sell features back to our users. We also do not sell our users information. We are 100% supported by our community and companies that see the benefit in partnering with thirty bees. Are you interested in partnering with us? Let us know!