Updated migrator / updater

//Updated migrator / updater

We here at thirty bees have been gearing up for a marketing campaign for when PrestaShop 1.6 stops being updated next month. In getting ready for the campaign we wanted to be able to send users to our latest greatest version of thirty bees with our PrestaShop to thirty bees Migrator module. If you were not aware, the migrator module was hard coded to send users to version 1.0.1 of thirty bees. While this would get users to thirty bees, it definitely did not give the best appearance. So we decided we needed to have the module updated to send new users to the current release of thirty bees. This required us creating a stable way for the module to work and also creating the file actions so the module can upgrade shops to the latest version of thirty bees.

One of the nicest side effects of making the migrator module migrate to the latest version of thirty bees is that the current upgrade module uses the same file actions. This means our one click upgrade module is back online and able to upgrade shops to the latest version of thirty bees. So now everyone can easily upgrade to the latest version of thirty bees, and we have a very close to automated way to create the files whenever a new version is released.

None of this would be possible without @datakick. He is the one that wrote the file actions and did all of the testing around the upgrader and migrator modules. So if you see him in our community, drop a line to him, he has been an invaluable member of the thirty bees community. Or, if you need a module to export information from your shop, give his GetDatakick module a try, it has a free trial.


If you are considering migrating from PrestaShop to thirty bees, now is the perfect time. You can migrate to the latest stable version of thirty bees in just a few clicks.


Download the PrestaShop to thirty bees migrator

If you are looking for the latest version of the upgrade module, all you have to do is update the upgrade module in the back of your shop and you can update thirty bees to the latest version.

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Lesley is one of the co-founders of thirty bees. He also is the owner of a PrestaShop support, development, and SEO agency called dh42. He has been active in the ecommerce community for almost a decade providing help and support services.