One of the major improvements we have touted about thirty bees is the speed increases we have achieved. When we started digging into the codebase we saw there was a lot of room for improvement. We encountered a lot of buggy unoptimized code. We have worked on fixes both the bugs and adding much needed speed to the thirty bees as well. Today we are going to talk about some of the improvements we have made with the speed and how we have done them.


Backoffice Speed

The speed of the backoffice has been dramatically improved because we took out the advertising that was being used. The way the whole advertising system was set up was terribly inefficient. It would rely on a connection to an external API, but at the same time it would manually check file timestamps as well. On every page load. This was taken out to give an ad free back office. This is where a good portion of the backoffice speed increase has come from.

Code Optimization

This is something we have started on, but is not near finished, but it has made an impact already. We have optimized individual methods, arrays, and loops that are used. A lot of the code was written in a way that would not allow parts of it to cache. This was changed to allow the parts that could be cached to be cached. At the same time we have reduced the redundant calls and redundant database calls as well. This gives us fast code execution and lower memory usage overall. Something everyone will love.

Improved caching methods

The caching methods have been broken for a long time, some of them even slowed sites down. Variables were not cached correctly, nothing has been changed or fixed with them for years. We decided to fix them and even add a new caching choice for people that wanted even better performance. We added REDIS caching to the core so that users could get access to one of the best, most advanced caching systems possible.

Full Page Cache

The full page cache is where all of the awesomeness happens. This caches your fully rendered pages and works in conjunction with REDIS to deliver the fastest possible page loads. In the tests we have done with the full page cache and REDIS we have seen page loads under 1 second with most of them being in the .7 second rage. This is a huge speed boost for ecommerce sites. That is why we made the speed of thirty bees one of our main focuses. Ecommerce sites can be fast too and we are doing it!


With as much as we have done with the speed already, there is still more that we can do. There is more that we are going to do. The code can be refined further so that we can make an even faster platform. Do you have any speed tricks to make thirty bees faster? If so come over to our GitHub and lend a hand, we would love to have you involved in making the best ecommerce platform imaginable.