We are happy to announce today that we are starting a new initiative to help bring more free and open source modules to the thirty bees platform. We have created a community GitHub repo that we will let our community decide the direction of. The repository will be a great place for our community to get together and collaborate on modules or to find new modules to fork into the repository. We will even accept module donations from developers that do not want to deal with upkeep on modules.


But we need community members to run the community repository. We would ideally like for the repository to be ran entirely by the community, where they can pick the direction of modules and development. Over time we will also be adding some modules to the repository as well. From time to time we develop modules that might have limited use cases, so this would be a perfect spot for them.

If you are familiar with using GitHub and would like to help out, just send one of us a message and we can add your rights to the organization. Then you can help start shaping the future of thirty bees. We are also setting the community repository up as a seller in our store, so that the community developed modules can be ported to the thirty bees marketplace as well.

To get the repository started we have added a couple of modules that might be of interest to our community. We have forked the modules from other repositories with appropriate licenses. The modules are:

  • Algolia address auto complete
  • Ebay listing module
  • Sendmachine

The modules will likely require a little bit of work and setting up to be listed on the store, but we have picked ones that have generally a high compatibility with maybe a few bugs.

If you would like to be added as a moderator / contributor to our community repository please contact us and let us know. If you would like to donate a module, contact us as well, we would love to have as many community contributions as possible.


We have also created a new top level category on our forum for discussions around the modules and how to use GitHub as well. You can view the new forum here.