Today we are proud to announce that Innercode has decided to become a thirty bees partner.

Innercode has been in the e-commerce industry since 2012 developing and deploying e-commerce sites. Not only do they develop sites, they also create modules as well. Some of their popular modules are Delivery Time and Date, Free Shipping Amount Display, and one of the most popular Mass Combinations update. In addition to developing modules, Innercode specializes in integrating shops with other platforms. Platforms such as accounting software, importing products from suppliers, or exporting products.

Innercode brings a great wealth of knowledge to the thirty bees community with their years of integration experience. Their service offering extends past just module and integrations though. They are a full service e-commerce agency that can design and develop your store from the ground up. Some of the other services they offer are upgrades, modifications both front and back office, payment gateway integrations, and support and maintenance. If you are looking for a solid, reliable company to help manage your thirty bees shop, look no further than Innercode.




About our partnerships

Partnering with thirty bees is a great way to support us and open source at the same time. thirty bees only makes money through our partnership agreements. We have no other revenue channels. We do not limit the features in the thirty bees software so we can sell features back to our users. We also do not sell our users information. We are 100% supported by our community and companies that see the benefit in partnering with thirty bees. Are you interested in partnering with us? Let us know!