If you haven’t been by the thirty bees marketplace lately, you are missing some great modules. Over the last few weeks us and our community have added a few new modules to our marketplace that could possibly help you increase the sales in your shop and also help you administer your shop and make changes to the front end of your shop. Of the 8 modules that this article is about 6 of them are free modules, so what do you have to lose?


VAT Exemption Module

This module is one that was previously unreleased. Its been part of the core, but the bugs in the module from when we forked it were so bad that we could not release it properly. This changed when @traumflug rewrote parts of the module and fixed the bugs in the module. Now the module works as it should, checking whether the VAT number exists and is listed in the EU system.

Block In Stock Products

This is another free module on the thirty bees marketplace. This module is developed by NaturePinks and it allows you to place a block of products that are in stock on your site. The block can be placed in either the left or right column or it can be placed on the home page as well. This is especially helpful if your shop happens to run out of products often, or if you are selling really in demand products. Users can see what is in stock at a quick glance and will hopefully buy enough to make the products go out of stock.


Price comparison IDEALO tracking pixel

This is the first paid module in our article. This module costs $39.99 and is developed by one of our long time community members Mediacom87. This module allows you to integrate your thirty bees site with IDEALO so that you sales can be tracked through their tracking pixel. if you are not familiar with IDEALO it is one of the top price comparison sites in Germany, if you sell in Germany, it might be a good idea to use their service.


CSS Magician

This is a very interesting module, especially if you like to adjust the look of your site often. This module allows you to easily change different CSS values in your theme. You can change the font, the font colors, background colors, add background images, change margin sizes, and much more. This module will make a professional designer out of just about any shop owner. The module costs $85.00 and is developer by Presta Magician.



The Cookiebot module will help you keep compliance with the new GDPR laws. The module for Cookiebot is free, but it is attached to a paid service that has a free trial. The module allows you to set different acceptance levels for the cookies that your site uses and allows the visitors to your site to select which cookie level they want your site to use. If you do not have a current GDPR solution on your site, the Cookiebot module is a great start toward being compliant.



Instamojo is a payment gateway based in India, they are relatively new, but they are making a big splash with over 5 million sites using their service. The thirty bees Instamojo module allows you to start accepting payments through Instamojo on your site. The module is developed by one of our community members Gautam Garg.


Display the savings in the shopping cart

This is the second paid module in our post and it ise developed by our community member Mediacom87. This module displays a banner on the cart page allowing users to see how much money they have saved with their cart at a glance. This module works off of psychology, users love to see how much money they save on an order. The module costs $29.99 and is well worht its price if you routinely discount the products in your shop, or if you run constant sales or price reductions.


CoinGate Payment Gateway

As crypto currencies are making a mainstream appearance, so are gateways that will accept payments with them. This is where CoinGate comes in. Their thirty bees module allows you to accept over 50 different types of crypto coins on your site. Some of the coins include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and over 50 different coins. Depending on what you are selling in your shop, this module could be really useful if your customers value their privacy more than normal shoppers. Using this module could potentially increase your sales by offering a wider array of payments you accept on your site.


As thirty bees is growing, so is our marketplace. If you would be interested in listing your modules on our marketplace, please let us know if you have any questions.