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Today we have yet another module maker that has decided to support thirty bees. Johann Corbel Consulting, based out of France, has decided to make their modules compatible with thirty bees, adding to our growing list of developers that have seen the future of e-commerce moving towards thirty bees. Not only have they made their modules compatible, but they have also started offering services focused on thirty bees as well.

The modules

Johann Corbel Consulting does not have a huge selection of modules, but most of the modules they do have are geared around SEO.  SEO is one of the hottest topics in e-commerce currently and we welcome all modules geared towards SEO, because they are one of the few types of modules that drive more sales. Some of the modules that they offer are:

Plus they offer several other modules to help you perfect the SEO of your shop and increase your rankings by strategically noindexing pages that could be cannibalizing keywords from other pages.



Like I mentioned earlier, they also offer services based on thirty bees. Johann Corbel Consulting offers 3 basic service types for thirty bees, they are:

  • SEO services
  • Custom module development
  • Training

Training is a big plus as a service, most companies do not offer training on systems like thirty bees. Johan Corbel Consulting offers both on site and off site training, which makes them very flexible if you are in their area of France. For their SEO services, they offer technical audits of your site, which is a basis of good SEO. Custom module development is also another one of their specialties

With their wide range of modules and services, you can see why we are so happy that they have started supporting thirty bees. The more companies like their’s that support thirty bees, the quicker we will grow as an e-commerce platform.


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Lesley is one of the co-founders of thirty bees. He also is the owner of a PrestaShop support, development, and SEO agency called dh42. He has been active in the ecommerce community for almost a decade providing help and support services.