One of the main goals of thirty bees is maintaining transparency between the developers, the merchants, and the community. We think having open feature requests are a great way to handle this.  We can make guesses at which features we think will benefit merchants, but in the end they will be just guesses. That is why we have the feature request section on our site. We are giving you the ability to shape the future of thirty bees!


How does it work?

You can simply go to our feature request page and look through the current requests and vote on them. Or if you have a feature in mind that is not on the list, you can create a new feature for the community to vote on as well. Your votes and your features will help shape the future of thirty bees. Knowing what features are important to you will help us design better software with you in mind!


The goal of the feature requests

When we started with the feature request section we had a goal in mind. The goal was to offer more transparency in the life and evolution of thirty bees. In the coming weeks we are going to start merging feature requests with our roadmap. That way merchants and developers will have an idea of what features have been accepted and when to expect them in the software. Developing like this gives everyone time to plan and to know what to expect, rather than keeping everything secret we prefer to keep everyone in the loop. Putting the feature requests on the roadmap helps us with contributors as well. They can look at the roadmap and know what features can be added to the current version.


So if you have been wondering about our feature request section, that is what is going on there. We are monitoring them and plotting them on an internal roadmap that will we will be publishing to the public roadmap soon.


One note I would like to add, a few weeks ago we accidentally removed all of the comments on the feature requests by switching comment platforms. I did that, I did not realize that it would remove them and not migrate them. Sorry about that guys. Feel free to add them back though.