It started its life as the Git Updater module, but we wanted to come up with a name that would have a better explanation of what the module accomplishes. Nothing is more frustrating than coming across a term you do not know, or a module that you do not know what does. So we have changed the name of the Git Updater to the Core Updater module.

This is the same module that you, our community crowd funded. This is the module that will make updates for versions of thirty bees quick and painless from today forward.


The module

A couple of weeks ago we released the first beta, since then the module has went through several iterations before it became stable enough to release. We took the feedback from the community and added a few new features to the module, like excluding the theme and better reporting of what was going on. From that we (I saw we, but it was @traumflug or Markus) made the changes and the module as a whole. Now the module has been released and is on our store to help you update to the latest version of thirty bees.



As we have said many times before, it is our community that makes us great. If you are just finding thirty bees and like the idea of our new core updater module, below is the list of people that donated to make this module possible.

Simon Baarssen
Rubén Rubiales
American Oak Barrel
Dejan Toplak
Lori Kennedy
Norwegian Rat
Nick Niktaris
Ricardas Smaizys
lixo tuka
Peter Nuttall
Laura Verderame
Emanuel Schiendorfer
Dovydas Liegus
Michael Yu
Calin Buciuman
Vincent Schillevoort
Tobias Mittmann
Romaric Loret
Serge Balmer
Joseph Jones
Travis Joynson
Yaniv Mirel
Vassil Moskov
Simon Baarssen
Lesley Paone

These are the people that make thirty bees happen!


Download the module