Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips

//Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips

Black Friday is fast approaching, it is just one week away, with Cyber Monday coming the next Monday. In the past few years it seems that Black Friday has turned into black week, or even black month, because sales are starting earlier and lasting longer. Today we are going to share some tips that will help your holiday sales go off without a hitch, and keep your shop operating as smooth as possible.


Shipping is a major factor in a lot of Black Friday shoppers’ purchases. Have your shipping information in a clear concise manner displayed where users can readily see it will help drive conversions. This is a great use for the banner block in your shop.

Return Policies

Return policies are another conversion factor for shoppers as well. Having a stated return policy that is linked from one of the common areas like your footer or your main navigation will help reassure shoppers and let them know what to expect in making a return to your site.

Sale Times

Consider starting your sales early. This year Amazon is planning on starting their sales on the Monday before Black Friday. Sometimes it is hard for smaller sites to captivate users when sites like Amazon do special offers to try to keep users on their site for extended amounts of time, like with hourly price reveals. Starting your sales before them can give you a leg up on the competition.

Show your sales

Make the sales on your site as prominent as possible. Use your sliders to give generalized sale information, use your featured product areas to show sale products, and use your advertising blocks to show even more sale information. As soon as users land on your site you want them to know what is on sale and how to buy it.

Create a sense of urgency

Let users know when the sale is ending, or how many of hot products you have left. Creating a sense of urgency among your shoppers will entice them to pull the trigger and complete purchases.

Upsell and cross-sell

Remember, this is a great chance to upsell and cross-sell your products. Buy this product and this product, get this discount. Shoppers typically fall into the more you buy the more you save way of thought, exploit their way of thinking for your gain. You can also use this method to increase the order amount so that users can qualify for free shipping as well.


The holidays are usually an intense time of year for e-commerce shops, don’t lose sight of what is important. Have fun, spend time with your family and friends, give thanks and be merry. Then after the holidays start planning your 2018 holiday season, so it can be bigger and better than your 2017 holiday sales. Have a great holiday everyone.

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