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Product Mass Edit

A good product mass edit would be great. The ability to change everything from the backoffice. From name to attributes and features. Cs-cart does this very nice.


A solution for combinations

Combinations in Prestashop are problematic. If a product has many attributes that can result in millions of combinations. The intensive way in which they are stored will results in hanging the computer whenever that product is addressed. A related problem is that Prestashop assumes that every attribute influences stock – what sometimes isn’t true.

The solution I propose is to add a few database fields to solve these problems. This should be done in combination with another proposal from me that would enable one to host more than one product on a page. Product options that one doesn’t want to be included in combinations should be set up as separate products. To do this:
– The product table should have a field “dependent_only” that indicates that this product should not be offered independently and not been shown in search results.
– A table ps_subproducts should be used to link such independent “option” products to the main product. It should have three fields: the base product, the subproduct and the number of subproducts that can be linked to the main product. In some cases this will be just “1”, for example when you use it to select a color. In other cases it might be zero or “1”, for example to indicate whether you want a blueray player inserted in your computer. And in yet other cases it could be any number. These numbers could be comma separated with the word ANY if any value is possible.


Numbered products

Prestashop has the awkward limitation that only one product can be submitted at a time. This makes it impossible to sell related products on the same page. See also my proposal for combinations.

One of the requests is multi-edit. That would require submitting more than one product at once too.

What seems the logical solution to me is the solution that I have applied in Prestools: adding a number to each product. As in Prestools such a routine could easily be made so that it an handle both fieldnames with and without a number so that backward compatibility could be maintained. The only fieldname that would need to be changed is “ean13” but there are few – if any – modules that change that field.


Shortcode System like wordpress

We can add some kind of shortcode system to filter product description, cms page and other content like blog. So that user can filter the content how they like and no one need to overwrite the core controller. Any one can achieve there things using shortcode