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Attribute price impact as % of base product price

When price attributes of a product are on a graded scale, a % increase or decrease over base product price makes it more convenient to manage prices of the attributes. This allows a change of base price to reflect proportionally on other attributes.

E.g. base product of 1kg costs 100, attribute 2kg costs 90% higher, thus 190.
When base product price goes up to 500, attribute 2kg would be 0.9 * 500 * 2 = 950

In the current absolute impact terms, we could only add a fixed sum to the base price which is restrictive over a scale of changes.


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mail alerts for combinations

The default mail alerts module seems to take into account only the sum of all combinations (not 100% sure about this thou) but if a combination only has x piece left, then the mail alert should include this if the setting of the threshold is set to the number x


Shopping Worlds, Product Streams & Customer Streams

TB and PS (both) miss outstanding features for personalized Cross Selling, good landing pages etc.

A good job in this do Shopware Shops.
The features Shopping World helps you build beautiful and selling landing pages out of the box.

The feature product streams help merchants to sell faster and organize accessories easier.

Customer streams show products based on customer experience and filters defined by the merchang

It would be great to see features like these in TB –


Display order of features in Layered Navigation

Currently it’s possible to rearrange the display order of attributes in the layered navigation module, but not with features. We’d like to be able to place the filters in order of relevance to allow easier product selection. To this end, it’s irrelevant whether the filter is a feature or attribute.


Multiple Order Tracking Numbers

We have a lot of shipments that have more than one parcel involved, but natively PS only has a single tracking number field. Makes it confusing when we can’t supply accurate links for customers to view shipment progress.

We’d like to see the ability to list multiple line item tracking numbers so we can call them separately into the tracking links.