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Menu and Shopping Cart as side slinding bars

Thinking of mobile browsing, opening menu as a side bar and checking shopping cart without leaving the page will make a more confortable experience and also will give a modern feel.

Example 2:



Hi everybody,

global.css is full of unused code. I was trying to clean it with gulp and uncss, unfortunatelly I am not good enough. Is there anyone?


HTML5 entity tag for center column content

HTML5 is an element introduced and accepted by all major browsers. The location I have identified where this should go is the center column content on both category, product, cms and other pages that are center column. See


Optimize page loading

Things that allow to optimize page loading in Front and Back Office:
– Defer parsing of JavaScript.
– Remove query strings from static resources
– Lazy Loading Images
– Reduce HTTP Requests
– Combine of JS and CSS combining into one
– Use more Ajax functions expecial on back office


Schema BreadCrumb Itemlist

The current PS default-bootstrap breadcrumb.tpl doesn’t follow current guidance for breadcrumb schema from It uses

I propose switching to and using itemlist just as defined at google developers. See example two in microdata.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool can render some pages to show you what one will see in rich snippets. A product page is ignoring breadcrumbs currently and this should get that into the product rich snippet.