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Image optimization

Most of us knows how important image optimization is when it comes to the end.

Today there is not a good way of optimizing images, i know that the integration of ImgMagic dos abit vs GD.

But i am thinking why not build in something like that can be enabled on servers that are able to optimize images via thos small programs.

And then have an alternative integration to something like for thos hu cant use the small programs, like EWWW dos for wordpress.

That way it would be possible to optimize the images, and that would in the end give even better loading speeds, and better work flow, that you dont have to do the optimization manual before uploading, and even making sure generated thumbs are optimized to.

In general there is a lot of space to be saved, and performance gained from creating a module like this.


Subcategory image

Category should have 2 images, 1 for cover image and 1 when being used as sub category.

Right now on category page, the category image shows as cover, but the same image is being used as a sub category image which have a completely different proportion.