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Product Bundles Similar to Magento

I thought I found a good solution so I can switch from magento, but unfortunately I have run into a problem that I can not do without. I need a feature that is like the magento bundle product. This video shows what it needs to do: and unfortunately even the “Pack of Products” in prestashop does not do that.


Remove Lang code from url

I want a build in function under the SEO/URL section to select how to handle url lang codes.

Now a website will be like or /en
I want a function so that i still can use the /fr but i also want a function so that i can set it to be or or .dk instead of /en /fr /dk

Can you make this function as a build in function ?


Subcategory image

Category should have 2 images, 1 for cover image and 1 when being used as sub category.

Right now on category page, the category image shows as cover, but the same image is being used as a sub category image which have a completely different proportion.


Safe maintenance strategy, shop clone-ability

There should be a way to do maintenance in a safe way. This means to test upgrades, patches, changes and similar things in a shop clone/copy, then to synchronize that copy with the public shop. This also reduces shop downtime, as synchonization can be done with a script, reducing customer distraction.

I wrote more on this in the forum and will come up with patches there soon:


Remove # from links

Remove # from links.
Google did not index that links and this is frustrating.
Links from layered navigation and pagination are very good for SEO.