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Product videos included with product images

Please add this as product videos can be such an integral part of selling online now. Love how Zappos does it http://www.zappos.com/p/nike-free-rn-black-anthracite-white/product/8662808/color/120870 along with how they display their images on the side and not bottom.

Should allow for linking to a video (youtube, vimeo, etc) or uploading it.



Product Mass Edit

A good product mass edit would be great. The ability to change everything from the backoffice. From name to attributes and features. Cs-cart does this very nice.


Schema BreadCrumb Itemlist

The current PS default-bootstrap breadcrumb.tpl doesn’t follow current guidance for breadcrumb schema from schema.org. It uses data-vocabulary.org.

I propose switching to schema.org and using itemlist just as defined at google developers. See https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/breadcrumbs example two in microdata.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool can render some pages to show you what one will see in rich snippets. A product page is ignoring breadcrumbs currently and this should get that into the product rich snippet.


Better Cross Selling / Upselling

Some products have the same accessoires again and again. At the moment i have to insert the accessoires for every single product.

It would be great to have a function to insert some products to a “Accessoire Category”. Than in products i can choose them as accessoires.

Example: I sell mountain bikes. So to every bike i want to sell drinking bottles as accessoire. A second accessoire tab should show helmets.

Shopware has a great feature like this. It is called “Product streams”.