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Sales Reps (by region/city/state/country) with different sales prices (B2B)

Sometimes distributors have an online store (with a general price) and also have sales reps working in different cities/states/countries. Every sales rep can have a different commission and price list (because of either import duties or taxes or freight).
With a dedicated login, the sales rep could manage his sales and gains (commission).
When there is a new customer (B2B) request, through the site, the sales receive an email informing the request of the customer in his region.


Display order of features in Layered Navigation

Currently it’s possible to rearrange the display order of attributes in the layered navigation module, but not with features. We’d like to be able to place the filters in order of relevance to allow easier product selection. To this end, it’s irrelevant whether the filter is a feature or attribute.


Multiple Order Tracking Numbers

We have a lot of shipments that have more than one parcel involved, but natively PS only has a single tracking number field. Makes it confusing when we can’t supply accurate links for customers to view shipment progress.

We’d like to see the ability to list multiple line item tracking numbers so we can call them separately into the tracking links.


extension layered navigation

The layered navigation module is now only about features.But it should be rather easy to extend to to attributes and tags.

With attributes you could solve the classic fashion store question: “I want to see all clothes for which size XXL is available”.

Tags are suitable for have/have-not questions. Typically only the “have” part is interesting. On a clothing store you might use to enable the visitor to select only leather clothes. But you don’t want a separate option not-leather as you don’t expect anyone interested in that.


User topic list

Today I wanted to find back some old discussion in which I participated. Unfortunately there is nothing similar to “user activity” in the old Prestashop forum.

I tried searching on my user name but I couldn’t find it. Of course it might be that the topic had been deleted, but I have the feeling that it is just incomplete. So I would like to see a “user activity” option added.

In the form where I added this feature request I left “Submit feature for:” to “architecture” as there is no option for “forum”. Maybe that can be added.


Cloud storage for images and custom assets

Would be useful to integrate any Cloud Storage for images and custom assets.
In example, any uploaded file (image or similiar) could be automatically deployed to Amazon S3 or Google Storage, allowing horizontal scaling in any cloud platform.

Just add more nodes to horizontally scale the ecommerce, as the code base is the same in every instances and changes (like images and so on) are remotely available.


Shipping fee based on category

Shipping rate based on category, is a feature that is really missing. We should be able to set shipping based on category, fx. for clothes the shipping rate is 0 (free) and for shoes it is xxx amount, so when a customer buys both of these products, then only the highest shipping rate should be shown, let us say that a customer buys clothes, which has free shipping and shoes, so when customer checkout only then the shipping rate for the shoes should be applied, similarly if a person buys a product which has shipping different from another then the seller (not the customer) should be given the option of calculating these two or only apply the highest shipping price.

And lastly there should at lest be a checkbox when your editing your products, that says “free shipping” so that free shipping can be set for each products individually instead of creating a new shipping firm and add it manually to the products.


A way to discontinue products without completely deactivating them

When a product is set to not active it completely vanishes. This means any any inbound links to the product page land on a disappointing “this page no longer available” type message.

I think it would be great to have a way to discontinue a product without completely killing the item page. This way it doesn’t clutter up the site’s search results, category pages, etc, but direct links to the product page would still result in seeing *something*, perhaps with a stock status of “This product has been discontinued” rather than “Out of stock”.

Currently the “indexed” field partially accomplishes this by removing items from search results, but they still show up on category pages and there is no special stock status that appears when an item has indexed=0 set.