Shipping fee based on category

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Shipping fee based on category

Guest shared this feature

June 24, 2017

Shipping rate based on category, is a feature that is really missing. We should be able to set shipping based on category, fx. for clothes the shipping rate is 0 (free) and for shoes it is xxx amount, so when a customer buys both of these products, then only the highest shipping rate should be shown, let us say that a customer buys clothes, which has free shipping and shoes, so when customer checkout only then the shipping rate for the shoes should be applied, similarly if a person buys a product which has shipping different from another then the seller (not the customer) should be given the option of calculating these two or only apply the highest shipping price.

And lastly there should at lest be a checkbox when your editing your products, that says “free shipping” so that free shipping can be set for each products individually instead of creating a new shipping firm and add it manually to the products.

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