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Meta keywords field: remove behaviour

I’m at the moment going over all the meta thingies to make our pages more SEO likable 🙂 The meta keywords field for products, categories etc all make an “object” out of my keywords when pressing “,” (comma). This is very very tiring especially when you wanna copy, edit,etc them. I don’t see absolutely no pro side to this behavior and it would be great if we could just have semicolon(orwhatever)-delimited text in there and not some objects that are fix and cannot really be edited, copied anymore. I can only see downsides from that “making-a-fix-entity-out-of-keywords” behavior. It might look nice, but it’s not about how it looks in the backend, is it 🙂
Especially tiring when you have thousands of products to edit!


abondened cart

Abondened carts are important.
During checkout, the first field is, customer’s email.
Why not, record that email, and send automated emails, to customers gave up during the checkout process.(like in shopify)

or only collect the emails.


Allow to Import carriers with localization pack/carriers screen

My store is located in a country where Shipping carriers are not really organized.

I can import my states/provinces from a localization pack that I was able to modify and I would propose to be able to add carriers to this file so that when I import it to a store i would have them all imported.

The problem comes as my country has around 30+ carriers to different provinces of the country and some carriers just go to a specific city and not others.

So it is quite troublesome to add them one by one as I am forced to do every time I set up a store for a customer or reboot my store for x reason.

As I am porting from prestashop to 30 Bees I am in that position once again and I think this should be spared for other people who has the same problem…

Either the localization pack or a custom csv file, i dont mind doing the one time job knowing that then i can import it whenever.

Additionally it would be great to export them as well but that is less important.

Thanks guys for your amazing work!


Category Tree

Would be nice to have an actual category tree under categories rather than having to click on each one to go into the next category. When you have over a 1k categories, it becomes cumbersome to look through that list. Also, would be nice to have a count of how many categories exist, not just empty categories so we know if something went wrong with the import process.