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Allow to Import carriers with localization pack/carriers screen

My store is located in a country where Shipping carriers are not really organized.

I can import my states/provinces from a localization pack that I was able to modify and I would propose to be able to add carriers to this file so that when I import it to a store i would have them all imported.

The problem comes as my country has around 30+ carriers to different provinces of the country and some carriers just go to a specific city and not others.

So it is quite troublesome to add them one by one as I am forced to do every time I set up a store for a customer or reboot my store for x reason.

As I am porting from prestashop to 30 Bees I am in that position once again and I think this should be spared for other people who has the same problem…

Either the localization pack or a custom csv file, i dont mind doing the one time job knowing that then i can import it whenever.

Additionally it would be great to export them as well but that is less important.

Thanks guys for your amazing work!