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Custom Payment Methods: Restrictions for country, etc; Possibility to add fees

I’d like to see improvements for the Custom Payments Method Module.

I surely think adding Country (and maybe also currency) restrictions to each payment method would be valuable. Either show each of the payment methods under Modules>Payment>Restrictions (instead of the module which doesn’t make much sense), or add this possibility to the creation process of payment methods.
Secondly, why having a possibility of adding discounts when adding extra fees would surely be more valuable (not? 🙂 ). And why discounts have to be based on cart rules is also not really clear to me, but I don’t need this feature so I don’t care to much. But I’d add one or two more tables for discounts/fees and not make them dependant on cart rules as this cart rules section can get very crowded like this and it doesn’t really have anything to do with payment methods, I’d separate this.

Thanks a lot for taking this into account.
Oli Gerber