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thirty bees partner agency: Prestalia

Prestalia, a leading web agency in full service e-commerce solutions, with decades of experience in international e-commerce, and over 150 e-commerce projects. Their company is specialized in thirty bees and in the development of solutions aimed at maximizing profits and reach the specific needs of customers.

They offer development of ready-to-use e-commerce, integration and synchronization of external catalogs / databases, graphic design, module development, dedicated hosting solutions and consulting on your projects to analyze and solve specific issues. Our web marketing area completes our offer, with SEO services, positioning and social marketing and other online advertising strategies.

Prestalia is also a developer of several popular thirty bees modules that you can find on the thirty bees marketplace. Some of the popular modules are FastBay an eBay connector module, Amazon Sync module for syncing your shop to Amazon, and several price comparison modules.

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Location: San Marino

Years in business: 10

Countries Served:

Specialties: Module Development, Migrations, Custom Development, Custom Integrations, SEO, Search Engine Advertising, Website Optimization

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